Joseph Jones

Windsor Heights City Council

I am running for city council because I believe that all of our citizens should have their voices heard and I am a person who likes to build relationships and grow collaborations to get things done.

Community Growth

  • Promote and embrace civility in our public discourse
  • Create a welcoming environment for visitors, shoppers, patrons, and residents
  • Continue to include citizen-involved processes in decision-making

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Economic Vitality

  • Capitalize on the many talents of Windsor Heights residents
  • Support small business owners in our community
  • Attract and retain creative people and unlock their potential to contribute to the Windsor Heights economy
  • Create ways to incentivize homeowners' property and home improvements
  • Prioritize our city’s infrastructure by making it sound and focusing on comprehensive repair

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Regional Collaboration

  • Embrace and promote Windsor Heights’ role as the heart and hub of the Greater Des Moines metro
  • Work to improve metro-wide relationships and projects
  • Provide leadership for connectivity and mobility in our region

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Please join us and vote Joseph Jones for Windsor Heights City Council on November 7.


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